Counterbalance Stackers

The CBES Series of STAXX Counterbalance Stackers comes in two models:

  • CBES30FD (Duplex and Freelift)
  • CBES30T (Triplex and Freelift)

Model:      CBES30FD
Capacity:  3000lbs at 20″ Load Center
Lift Height: 130″
Mast: Duplex and Freelift

Model:      CBES30T
Capacity:  3000lbs at 20″ Load Center
Lift Height: 177″
Mast: Triplex and Freelift

Both models include:
Attachment:  Sideshifter
Forks:  42″
Battery: 280Ah Industrial
Charger:  Intelligent
Motor: AC Drive
Controller: Curtis 1230-2402
Safety Features: Emergency Reversing Button
Battery Discharge Indicator
Polyurethane Wheels
Tilting Forks


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